A thrilling adventure story for readers aged 11+

About the book

Emelin Lambert is an eleven-year-old orphan in medieval England. She has an incredible gift in illuminating manuscripts. She’s also quick-witted, mouthy, and nearly always in trouble.

One terrible day, her last relative is killed and Emelin ends up being in possession of a manuscript that belongs to Geoffrey Chaucer. She cannot stay in her home with the manuscript so she begins a grim wintery journey to what she hopes will be safety.

Along the way Emelin meets a boy named Wolf who rescues her from a violent thief. Together, Wolf and Emelin flee to Reading Abbey.

The journey makes Wolf deathly ill and Emelin learns that she cannot always depend on others. She will have to fight alone, so she battles the adult world, and she battles fear. She puts her gift to work with the hope that her skills might help her and Wolf survive.

What readers say about Emelin

Beautifully written, this is a delightful read for children and parents alike. I warmed to the lovable Emelin within a few pages […] the text evokes the sights and smells of fourteenth century England. 



It was really nice! I could easily imagine it and was drawn into this “other world” in minutes after opening Emelin on my Kindle… I finished reading the book in two sittings!



I enjoyed reading this children’s chapter book, and will enjoy it again reading it to my grandson.



Finished reading this last night. It’s a brilliant book. My children loved it. We all fell in love with Wolf… and really hope there will be another book about him and Emelin.



Brilliant! The author has combined a great depth of research and passion for middle ages history with an ability to keep kids turning the page all the way to the very last.

A reader


I have to admit it is a really good read! It is obvious that Jackie has researched her subject well […] I am in my fifties and still enjoyed it although it is aimed at teenagers.



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