Jackie Randall

Reading a book is one of the most important things a child and young person can do. Books open their world, show them the past, give them hope for the future, and, for a while, place them in a cosmos they had previously never imagined.


It’s 1878 and Eva Carmichael is excited to begin her new life in Australia. Her parents and five of her siblings are with her on board the Loch Ard from London, which after three months at sea is just one day’s sail from Melbourne. But late into that last night, the Loch Ard strikes rocks and sinks and all perish except Eva and a midshipman, Tom Pearce.
Emelin Lambert is an eleven-year-old orphan in medieval England. She has an incredible gift that helps her illustrate manuscripts with her uncle. She’s also quick-witted, mouthy, and nearly always in trouble.
In this exciting collection of short stories, Penny Jaye and R. A. Stephens challenge Australia’s YA authors to tackle themes of sustainability, caring for the environment, and the legacy we leave for one another. Look in this anthology for Jackie Randall’s short story, The Aria of the Ocean.