• Only Two

    We were driving the Great Ocean Road, and the name of this tourist attraction intrigued us. When we discovered the story of Loch Ard Gorge, sadness and inspiration gripped us. ‘You have to write this one.’ So I started the long process of research to turn the event of the loss of the Loch Ard…

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  • Why do we re-read?

    I’ve been thinking lately about what it is that makes someone re-read a book. Someone who picks up a book and reads the first paragraph and is hooked to keep reading is looking for a different experience to the person who knows what’s going to happen yet still picks up the book and delights in…

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  • My Writing Journey

    They say that “everything happens for a reason”. At Christmas 2008, my mum passed away from a short but nasty illness. About three weeks later, I was travelling in Tasmania with my husband who was on business. A vortex began inside a bookshop and sucked me inside. I found myself rummaging in the ‘specials’ bin.…

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